Pneumatic Forklift Tires: 5.00-8 , 6.00-9 , 6.50-10 , 7.10-12 , 8.15-15. 

Solid Forklift Tyre: 6.00-9  ,  6.50-10  ,  7.10-12  ,   8.15-15.

Do You Know When to Replace Your Forklift Tires?

Blog Image - Do You Know When to Replace Your Forklift Tires

Looking for an easy way to improve efficiency and help forklift operators stay productive? Don't wait too long to replace your forklift's tires.  

New forklift tires: 

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Make your forklift last longer
  • Reduce forklift operator fatigue

Just 40% tire wear causes the forklift and driver to absorb 84% of the vehicle's vibration. That means transmission has to work harder, and your operator is going to get tired much faster. 

When to Replace Cushion Vs. Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Cushion tires need to be replaced when the rubber wears down to  less than one inch from the numbers.  Also, keep an eye out for wear and tear near the central band If you can fit a screwdriver between the tire and band, you have a dangerous situation and need to replace that tire right away. 

For solid pneumatic  forklift tires, look for the wear ring (aka wear band). When the wear ring is exposed, it's time to order new tires.

Some tires have a wear line or safety line above the tire size. When the top of the tire meets the line, it’s time to replace your tires.

forklit tire showing safety lineHere's an example from a new Solid Deal Brand Solid Pneumatic Tire. You can see the safety line is clearly marked. Always replace the tire before it gets worn down to the safety line. 


You should also replace the tires if you notice chunking, tearing or cracking, or if you see flat spots. Damaged tires threaten the safety of the machine and the operator. Replace them as soon as possible.

Here is an example of a tire that is severely cracked and needs replacement right away.

when to replace forklift tires

Here is a tire that has wear, is torn, and should be replaced.


This is an example of a tire that is chunking and needs to be replaced.


In this example, the tire has developed a flat spot (left side 10 o’clock) and needs to be replaced.


Sometimes customers ask, should I replace all my forklift tires at the same time? For a cushion forklift, yes. For a pneumatic - it depends, always consult an experienced forklift technician.

Always replace both tires on the same axle. It's not safe to replace only one forklift tire. Mismatched tires can cause stability issues that lead to tipovers and serious injury. 

Also, never try to change the tires yourself, it's a lot more dangerous (and complicated) than changing the tires on your car. Contact a trained professional who will ensure your maintenance is done right the first time.